Top 10 Travel And Lifestyle Blogs To Follow In 2021

Whether you have been bitten by the travel bug or a fashionista at heart, you have a trove of information out there in the form of travel and lifestyle blogs. More and more viewers are tuning into lifestyle and travel blogs as the pandemic rages and travels have become rare. While lifestyle blogs concentrate primarily on stories and images that showcase activities and lifestyles, travel blogs cater to a variety of readers, including writers, photographers, backpackers, modern-day adventurers, etc. A few lifestyle blogs also gives information about Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin casinos are becoming popular in travel destinations. Bitcoin investors find them enchanting to double their Bitcoin earnings. Yes, the trading bots such as immediate bitcoin help them trade Bitcoin even when on a vacation; learn more about the bot at The blog also gives you information about how to run the software test.

There are numerous lifestyle blogs that cover a variety of subjects, such as travel, fashion, and technology, in addition to the ones listed below. Some of these blogs may also include coverage of top bitcoin casinos or other related topics. However, it is important to note that not all lifestyle blogs may cover this specific topic. And it is important to carefully research and verify any information found on blogs or other online sources. Here is a list of blogs where you can find useful content relating to both lifestyle and travel.

  1. Global Grasshopper: This is perhaps one of the best-known travel blogs started by Becky Moore. You will find stunning visuals of different locations she has traveled to and recommendations about flights and bookings for those keen to make such travels. If you are on Instagram, be sure to check out these magical locations on her feed.
  2. Barefoot Blonde: Created by NYC resident Amber Fillerup, this lifestyle blog offers some great ideas and advice on things like fashion, beauty, travel, and fitness. With a huge follower base stretching to almost 1.3 million, it is quite evident that this travel lifestyle blog is doing well.
  3. A Cup of Jo: This is undoubtedly one of the most popular lifestyle blogs these days and Joanna, its creator, has been ruling the blog sphere for a while now with her stories on travels, beauty and fashion, lifestyle, food, and motherhood. This blog caters to an overwhelmingly large audience with multiple weekly posts.
  4. You must have heard of this popular lifestyle blog created by Gwyneth Paltrow with a focus on the modern women. It covers almost anything you can think of, like wellness, establishing a work-life balance, food, home, style and beauty, and of course, travel.
  5. It is a lifestyle blog that was created by Will Taylor in 2009; he demonstrated his passion for travel, fashion, and design through this blog. You will find celebrities like Martha Stewart endorsing it, making it a go-to destination for design enthusiasts.
  6. Say Yes: This award-winning lifestyle blog by Liz Stanley has been around since 2006 and focuses on family life. The blog offers useful advice on personal style, travel, and home and showcases brilliant images.
  7. Downshiftology: Lisa Bryan was the founder of this travel lifestyle blog. Besides its popular recipe section, it features an exciting travel section containing rather useful tips and recommendations for sightseeing and accommodations in different destinations all over the world.
  8. Luxe Digital: This top-of-the-line lifestyle blog caters to both women and men and is known for its sophisticated and chic design. It is relatively new in the travel lifestyle scenario but has made a name for itself in a short while. Navigating the blog is easy and it is conveniently split into a lifestyle and business section. You will find interesting content in its lifestyle section that covers travel, cars, dining, home, technology, and style.
  9. Quintessence: This lifestyle blog was created by Stacey Bewkes in 2010 to provide valuable content on travel, fashion, architecture, arts, and interior design.
  10. The Blonde Abroad: For those who love to travel, this lifestyle blog can be just what you need. It gives you an amazing opportunity to explore new destinations; the creator Kiki shares her experiences and photos of the places she has visited.