Boracay Travel Guide

One of the most popular travel destination in the Philippines is Boracay. It is famous for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Last 2019, Boracay had 2 million visitors making it one of the most visited island in the world. This Boracay travel guide will help you plan your Boracay vacation.

Essential Information

Language: Filipino is the official language but English is widely spoken around the island.

Religion: Catholic

Currency: Philippine Peso 1$ = P50

Modes of Payment: Cash and Credit Card

Boat man in Boracay Beach Philippines
Station 2 in Boracay Philippines
Station 2

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How to get to Boracay

Two airports are located near Boracay, these are the Caticlan Airport and the Kalibo International Airport. 

Flights going to Caticlan

Cebu Pacific, Airasia and Pal Express have direct flights from Manila, Clark and Cebu to Caticlan.

Skyjet has direct flights from Manila to Caticlan.

Airswift has direct flights from El Nido , Palawan to Caticlan.

Airjuan has direct flights from Coron, Palawan to Caticlan.

Outside Caticlan Airport there are travel agencies who will bring you to your hotel for P500 – P600 ($10-12) per person.

Alternatively, you can do a DIY trip going to your hotel to save money. First you need to go to Caticlan jetty port and pay P75 ($1.5) for the environmental fee, P100 ($2) for the terminal fee and P25 ($0.5) fare for the 15 minute boat ride going to Boracay port, then you can go to your hotel via multi-cab for P40($0.8) or tricycle for P25($0.5) per person. 

Note: Visitors are required to show their hotel booking in the Jetty port.


Kalibo International Airport is 70 km away from the Caticlan jetty port. Ride a van or a bus (P200 or $4) from Kalibo airport to go to Caticlan jetty port. Travel time from Kalibo airport to Caticlan jetty port is 2 hours. 

Manila and Cebu have direct flights going to Kalibo.

There are also flights coming from China, Korea and Taiwan to Kalibo Airport.

 Kalibo flights are cheaper than Caticlan flights.
Sunset in Boracay Beach Philippines
Boracay Travel Guide

Where to stay in Boracay

Boracay’s 3.5km white beach is divided into 3 parts, Station 1, 2 and 3.

Station 1 – Luxury Resorts

Station 2 – Party and Shopping area

Station 3 – Quiet and Affordable


Beach Front Resort :Two Seasons Boracay Station 1 
Budget Hotel: Madid’s Inn Station 2

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beach, boracay beach, sea
Beachfront resort in station 1
Luxury resort in Boracay Philippines
Luxury resort in station 1

Getting around Boracay

Walking– The island is small and you can walk from station 1 to station 3 easily. Most activities in the island are found along the beach.

Tricycle– Fares will vary depending on how you haggle but you wont pay more than P100 ($2) per trip.

white sand beach and crystal blue water in Boracay Philippines
White sand and crystal blue waters

Where to eat in Boracay

Station 1:
Sands at Discovery Shores

Barlo at Two Seasons Boracay Resort

Kasbah Boracay

Station 2 and 3:
D’mall is an outdoor shopping plaza in station 2. It has a wide variety of restaurants. Popular restaurants in D’Mall are The Hobbit Tavern, Spicebird and Steampunk.

Budget Options: Andoks and Smoke

Other must-try food in Boracay: Jonah’s milkshakes, Real Coffee’s Calamansi Muffin and Merly’s Chori Burger

Places to Visit and things to do in Boracay

Island Hopping

You can easily find tour operators around the island. The 5 hour island hopping tour will cost you around P800-1200($16-24) with a lunch buffet. 

Itinerary: Puka Beach, Snorkeling in Crocodile Island and Diniwid Beach.

Ariel’s Point

Book tickets online for P2000-2800($40-56) 
Inclusions: Boat Cruise, Buffet Lunch, unlimited beer and drinks, snorkelling, kayak, and 15 meter cliff diving.

Pub Crawl -P1000($20)
Bar Entrance fees, free drinks and a shirt

Parasailing P2000 ($40) 15mins

Helmet Diving P1000 ($20) 20mins

Scuba Diving 2500 ($50) 2 hours

Boracay travel guide! Boat in Puka beach
Island hopping
parasailing in Boracay Philippines
Parasailing is a must-do activity in Bocacay
Pub Crawl in Boracay Philippines
Meet new friends in Pub Crawl

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

10:00am Arrival in Caticlan Airport

10:15am Pay boat fare, terminal and environmental fees (P200) then ride boat to Boat to Boracay port

10:45am Ride multi-cab to hotel (P40)

11:00am Check in

12:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Chill and relax

6:00pm Dinner

7:45pm Pub Crawl (P1000)

Day 2

9:00am Island Hopping (P800)

11:00pm Buffet Lunch

2:30pm End island hopping

3:30pm Parasailing (P2000)

6:00pm Dinner

9:00pm Party

Day 3

10:30am Checkout

10:45 Shop at D’mall and lunch

1:00pm Tricycle to port (P25)

1:20pm Ride boat to Caticlan Port (P25)

1:45pm Arrive in Caticlan Airport


P4090 ($81) total!

*Food, hotel accommodation and airfare not included. 

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    1. I had never heard of this place but it looks so beautiful and I love the break downs that show it is an affordable place to vacation.

  1. This is a very detailed post about Boracay. I planned to explore some places in the Philippines supposed to be this year but due to covid19, I had to cancel my planned travels. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely include Boracay in my itinerary.

  2. It has been almost a decade since I went to Boracay and I heard that it has improved 10x. Seeing your photographs makes me want to visit again. I would definitely try the Pub Crawl! Thanks for this Paolo!

    1. I had never heard of this place but it looks so beautiful and I love the break downs that show it is an affordable place to vacation.

  3. I wish the beaches in Florida looked like this. I have been wanting to go to the beach and this is just making it so much harder to stay home. lol

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