5 Ways to Earn Money and Travel the World

People say traveling is a luxury. Expensive plane tickets, extravagant hotels and overpriced restaurant food makes traveling impossible for some people. But now there are a lot of ways to travel the world and earn money at the same time. Below is a list of 5 ways to earn money and travel the world.

1. Teach English

Teaching English is the most popular and easiest way to earn money while traveling. The demand for English teachers worldwide is increasing every year. If you want to teach English there are two options, first is moving to a new country and second become a nomad and teach English online.

Most company requires a bachelor degree and an English teacher certificate. There are a lot of websites that offer English teacher certifications. You can earn 10-20$ per hour by teaching preschool to grade school students.

Here are some websites where you can apply as an English teacher:

Teach English

2. Work in a Hostel

A hostel is a budget friendly accommodation with dormitory type rooms and shared bathrooms and toilets. You may apply in hostels as a receptionist, bartender, janitor or events planner. 

The best thing about working in a hostel is you don’t need any experience. The downside is they don’t usually pay the workers but they offer free accommodation and food as well as earn money from event commissions and bar tending tips.

Here are some websites that offer hostel jobs:

Work as a receptionist in a hostel

3. Seasonal Work

Seasonal work is popular with backpackers. Some European countries have working holiday visas that makes applying for a job abroad easy. Work in a 5 star beach resort in Cyprus, be summer camp leader in the USA, do farm work in Australia or work as a receptionist in a ski resort in Canada. 

There are many options to choose from. So if you want to have a well-paid seasonal job, here are some websites for you:


Pick strawberries in a farm in Australia

4. Work on a Cruise Ship

Most people save a lot of money just to afford a cruise ship vacation, but working in a cruise ship will let you travel the world while getting paid.
There are many job vacancies depending on your expertise. From hotel staff and bartender, to entertainer or disk jockey there are a lot of opportunities for you. 

Working on a cruise ship pays you well and you can save you a lot of money because you don’t need to pay for accommodation and food. The only disadvantage in working on a cruise ship is you need to undergo cruise ship trainings and certifications.

Try to look for a cruise ship job on this website:

Work on a Cruise ship

5. Au Pair

An au pair is a helper from a foreign country usually around 18 to 25 years old working for, and living as part of a host family.

Au pair is short-term work experience abroad where you can receive compensation in the form of cultural exchange, free accommodation, free food and a small wage. Countries with the most Au pair hosts are Germany, Australia, Great Britain, France, Italy and Netherlands.

Here are some websites where you can look for an Au pair host:


Take care of children as an Au Pair

Traveling is fun, but traveling the world and get paid for it is even better. 

25 thoughts on “5 Ways to Earn Money and Travel the World”

  1. Subhashish Roy

    Well these are some great ideas for someone who is young. And raring to go. Who doesn’t wish to see the world provided they are able to earn on the move. Teaching English is perhaps the easiest way to make a living while moving.

  2. blair villanueva

    You can enjoy these here in Australia. Pity that Australia restricted the entry of international travellers.

  3. I have a friend who teaches English online! It is a great way for her to make extra money. These are great tips

  4. These are great tips for students and young people. I did most of those things while in collage to help my travel addiction.

  5. Great tips, thank you 🙂 I found out myself that a good thing how to save money is not to buy a coffee every day 😀 And you can always walk dogs if you need more pocket money 🙂 Thank you for sharing your tips.

  6. My friend has always wanted to work on a farm I just shared that part of your blog with them! These are great ideas to make travel accessible.

  7. Thank you. I had no idea about it. I have masters in English. So it will be a good option for me to teach and help my finances.

  8. Wow! such an enlightening read … i am glad you also shared relevant links. I am working a mad corporate job and this looks like an OUT for me .. haha thanks for sharing.

  9. These are some great suggestions, traveling while earning money is like a dream come true for everybody. But one of the best idea is working in cruise ship. They earn money while you travel with no expenses at all.

  10. It’s true there are many ways one can travel the world without spending much or for free. I was supposed to go on a volunteer work in Europe last year but it didn’t push through cos of visa issues. Pero food and lodging is free sana doon! 😅 Oh well next time!

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