Taipei Travel Guide

In this Taipei Travel Guide, i will show you how to have an amazing Taipei vacation without spending a lot of money.

Taipei City, Taiwan’s capital is one of Asia’s most popular tourist destination.  Taipei is home to various famous architectural and cultural landmarks such as Taipei 101 and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Taipei’s night markets are also famous for its various eateries selling authentic Taiwanese snacks.

Essential Information

Language: Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan but a good number of people in Taipei speaks English.

Religion: Buddhism is the main religion. There are many Buddhist temples in Taipei.

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (ntd)
1ntd = P1.7
$1 = 30ntd

Modes of Payment: Cash or Credit Card

Welcome to Taipei

How to get to Taipei

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) is the international airport serving Taipei. It is Taiwan’s biggest and busiest airport. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is 40 kms away from Taipei city.

You can score promo roundtrip Manila – Taipei flights for only P1200 ($24) via Airasia. 

Taoyuan Airport MRT links the airport to the Taipei main station.
Fare: 160ntd ($5.36) 40 mins

There are also buses going to taipei main station.
Fare: 125ntd ($4.2) 50 mins

Taxi is available 24 hrs

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View from Elephant Mountain

Where to stay in Taipei

Ximending – Backpacking hostels and cheap guest houses.

Taipei Main Station Area – Busiest area and main hub for commuters.

Xinyi – Near Taipei 101. Upscale accommodations and high-end shopping malls.

A night in a hostel would cost you 300ntd ($10) while a night in a upscale hotel would cost you 2300ntd ($77).

I stayed in Duckstay hostel near Longshan Temple Station and Ximending, 3 nights for only 939ntd ($31)

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Getting around Taipei

Most tourist attractions are located near MRT stations. One way train ticket is 20ntd ($0.67). 

Bus is another option going around Taipei. Fares start at 15ntd ($0.5). Be sure to have the exact ticket amount as buses will not give change. 

Uber is available in Taiwan.

Pro tip: For short term travelers, you can avail the Taipei Pass which gives you unlimited rides on Taipei Metro and associated buses. 

One-day Pass NT$180
One-day Pass NT$250(Gondola version)
Two-day Pass NT$310
Three-day Pass NT$440
Five-day Pas NT$700
The pass includes a magnetized card. The Gondola version allows 3 trips on Maokong Gondola(cable car).

Where to eat in Taipei

Taipei Night Markets

Here are the top night markets in Taipei:

Shilin night market – Shilin MRT station
Raohe night market – Songshan MRT station
Ningxia night market – Zhongshan MRT station

What to eat:

Oyster Omelette
Stinky tofu
Pepper pork bun
Fried yam balls
Milk tea

Din Tai Fung – The first Michelin rated restaurant in Taipei. The original Din Tai Fung can be found on Xinyi road. The nearest MRT station is the Dongmen station.

Hot Star large fried chicken – the number 1 chicken shop in Taiwan.

Xiao Long Bao from Din Tai Fung

Places to Visit and Things to do in Taipei

Taipei 101 – Worlds tallest building from 2004 to 2010. Ticket 300ntd ($10)

Hike elephant mountain – 1.5 km hiking trail where. Taipei 101 can be seen from the trail. (Free)

Ximending Youth Shopping District – Taipei’s version of Harajuku (Free)

Shifen and Jiufen day tour – Jiufen is the inspiration of the famous anime “Spirited Away”. Light a lantern for good luck and visit the waterfall in Shifen.

Visit a night market 

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall – Watch the Changing of Guards ceremony (Free)

Martyr Shrine – Watch the Changing of Guards ceremony (Free)

National Palace Museum – Ticket 250ntd ($8)

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Raohe Night Market
National Palace Museum
Jiufen old street

For a detailed Shifen and Jiufen day trip guide, click the link below.

Sample Itinerary and Budget

Day 1

9:00am Arrival in TPE airport

9:30am Ride bus to Ximending 125ntd

10:30am Check in

11:00am Go to Taipei 101 station from Ximen station 40ntd

11:30am Lunch / Shopping

3:50pm Taipei 101 station to Xiangshan station (elephant mountain) 20ntd

4:00pm Hike Elephant mountain

6:30pm Xiangshan station to Ximen Station 45ntd 

7:00pm Dinner and Shopping at Ximending Youth Shopping District

Day 2

9:00am From Taipei Main station, take the Bannan line going Riufang Station 70ntd

10:00am Transfer to the Pinxi line going Shifen roundtrip ticket 60ntd

11:00am Visit the Shifen Waterfall

12:00pm Lunch 

1:00pm Buy a lantern 100ntd

2:00pm Ride the train going Riufang

3:00pm Ride bus 827 going Jiufen 15ntd

3:30pm Start Jiufen tour

5:30 Ride bus 1062 going to Raohe night market 80ntd

6:30 Arrive in Raohe night market

Day 3

10:00am Longshan temple 20ntd

11:00am Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall 40ntd

1:00pm Lunch

2:30pm Ride bus 208 from Chiang Kai Shek to go to Martyr Shrine 15ntd

3:30pm Ride bus 267 going to Shilin Station 15ntd, then Ride bus 255 going to National Palace 15ntd

5:30pm Ride bus 304 to go to Shilin night market 15ntd

Day 4 

8:00 Check out

8:10 Train to TPE airport 160ntd

9:00 Arrive in TPE airport

Budget Itinerary

939ntd – 3 nights Duckstay Hostel 
835ntd – Expenses  

=1774ntd / PHP3015 / $60

P1200 Airfare

P4215 ($85) = Total

*food expenses not included

After reading this Taipei Travel Guide, you can now have an amazing Taipei vacation without spending a lot of money.

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  1. Thanks for the informative article. I’ve always wanted to go to Taipei and now you’ve given me the inspiration to plan a trip. Hopefully, I can go next year when the COVID-19 situation has been sorted out.

  2. That’s good to know that they have a bus system that runs 24 hours. It is less challenging to travel when there is a good transportation system for the public to use.

  3. Wow! You sure know how to handle some serious budgeting on this trip. I would love to do this as a guide.

  4. This looks amazing, I really needed this travel inspiration with all the lockdown at the moment…can’t wait to travel again x

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  6. Awesome guide. You have detailed out so well. The pictures are nice. I liked the day-wise itinerary. Waiting to visit places.

  7. I havent been to Taipei, and I don’t know how to speak Mandarin, even a little. In Japan, you seldom find someone who can speak English. Is it the same in Taiwan? I wish i can go there soon. 🙂

  8. Wow this is really a great guide. I wish i could visit Taipei one day. I will definitely have your guide in mind then. Lovely photos!

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