Siargao Travel Guide

In this budget travel guide, i will show you how to enjoy your Siargao vacation without spending a lot of money.

Siargao is one of my favorite travel destination. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and laid back vibe. Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines is located in Surigao del n=Norte, northeastern Mindanao. It was voted as the best island in the world in 2019.

Surfboards ready

Essential Information
- Siargao Budget Travel Guide -

Language: Filipino is the official language of the Philippines but English is widely spoken around the island.

Religion: Mindanao is a Muslim island however, most people in Siargao is Catholic.

Currency: Philippine Peso. 1$ = P50

Modes of Payment: Mostly cash bus some establishments accept credit cards.

How to get to Siargao

Siargao has a small airport named Sayak Airport. There are direct flights from Manila, Clark, Cebu and Davao to Sayak airport.

Clark-Siargao is cheaper Than Manila-Siargao but need to book your flight in advance to score cheap plane tickets.

Sayak airport is 30 kms away from Tourism Road, General Luna where most of the hotels are located.

After arriving in Sayak airport, head outside the to ride a van going to your hotel. Travel time is 45 minutes and fare is P300 ($6)

You can also rent a scooter. Scooter rental is P300($6) per day. Gas P50 ($1) per liter.

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Best Island in the World

Where to stay in Siargao

Tourism Road, General Luna is the best location to stay in Siargao. There are cheap hostels and luxurious beach resorts in Tourism Road, General Luna. A night in a hostel would cost you P400 ($8) while a night in a nice hotel would cost you P2000 ($40)

A night in Villa Solaria Hostel is P425 ($8.5)

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Getting aroung Siargao

The best way to explore the island is by riding a scooter.
You can rent a scooter for P300($6) per day. P100($2)  gas will be enough for 3 days.

Tricycle: 20-50 per trip

You can also rent a car for P2000($40) per day.

Don't forget to wear your helmet!

What to eat in Siargao

If you are on a budget, there are eateries all over the island. A meal would cost you P50-100 ($1-$2)

Must try food in Siargao

Kermit’s pizza
Chicken bbq from Mama’s grill
Tacos from Miguel’s
Pan de Coco

Boodle Fight!

Places to Visit and Things to do


Siargao has 15 surf spots. Cloud 9 is the most popular surf spot where international surfing competitions are held every October. Surf season is between July and December.

Surfboard Rental

P350($7) per day
P500($10) per hour with instructor
P300($6) additional if you want a surfboard with a gopro mount

Look for professional photographers in the island to take amazing surfing photos but it is a bit expensive.

Island Hopping

Sugba lagoon

Popular for its calm waters surrounded by limestone cliffs,Sugba lagoon ideal for kayaking, paddle-boarding, and snorkeling, but thrill-seekers also have the option of jumping off a three-meter-high diving board.

Sugba lagoon is  located at Brgy. Del CarmenEvery year, Sugba lagoon goes on rehabilitation every January for a month meaning no tourists will be allowed to go there. 

DIY- Go to del Carmen Tourism office and hire a boat. P1600($32) good for six person
Del Carmen is 45 mins away from General Luna.

Island Hopping

– First, you will visit Naked island. Then, you will head to Daku island where you can have your lunch. You can buy seafood in the island and ask them to cook it for you.  After that, you will visit Guyam island where you can enjoy a bottle of beer.

DIY- Go to GL pier and hire a boat. P1500($30) good for four person

*if you dont want a DIY tour, you can book your day tours in your hotel or in other travel agencies.
Tour Packages starts at P1000 – P2000 ($20-$40) per person

Mangpupungko rock pools. P50  entrance fee ($1). Mangpupungko is beautiful however, i did not enjoy it because it was too overcrowded. 

Pro Tip: if you are a solo traveler, go to the port and tell them you want to be in a “joiner group” and they will look for other travelers to share the boat with. Sharing is caring!

Sugba Lagoon
Naked Island

Other Activities

Bar Hopping Party!

Go bar hopping and Siargao but always be safe!

Siargao Party Schedule:

Rumbar 10pm – 3am

White Banana 4pm – 8pm
Loose Keys 9pm – 12am
Rumbar 11pm – 3am

White Banana 4pm – 8pm
Bravo Resort 6pm – 11pm
Rumbar 11pm – 3am

Skama@Baile 10pm – 2am

White Banana 5pm – 7pm
Vivo Inn 7pm – 11pm
Loose Keys 9pm – 12am
Rumbar 10pm – 3am

White Banana 5pm – 7pm
Harana 8pm – 1am
Rumbar 10pm – 3am

*Bar Hopping > Island Hopping

Siargao Wakepark

“Siargao Wakepark consist out of two lakes connected by a poolgap. The main lake is 100m long and 30m wide. It’s the base of the park and the place where beginner and intermediate riders ride”. – Siargao Wakepark

9am-10:30 Promo P500($10) /1.5hr
P1000($20) /1.5hr

Sample itinerary
- Siargao Budget Travel Guide -

Day 1 

9:00am Arrival in Sayak Airport
9:20am Airport to hostel via van
10:00am Early check-in and rent a scooter
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Road trip to Magpupungko
3:00pm Go to Cloud 9 (Surfing)
7:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Party!

Day 2

8:30am From hostel go to Del Carmen tourism office
10:00am Start Sugba lagoon tour
4:30pm End Sugba lagoon tour
5:00pm Head back to General Luna
7:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Party!

Day 3

8:50am From hostel go to General Luna port
9:00am Leave General Luna port
9:30am Start tr-island tour
4:00pm End tour
5:00pm Go to Cloud 9 (Surfing)
7:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Party!

Day 4

7:30am From hostel go to Brgy Consuelo
8:30am Wakeboarding orientation and session
11:00am Head back to General Luna
12:00pm Checkout and return scooter
1:00pm Go to Sayak airport


Budget Breakdown

Villa Solaria Hostel 4 days- P1200 ($24)
Airport transfer- P600 ($12)
Scooter rental- P900 ($18)
Gas- P200 ($4)
Surfboard rental- P700 (350*3)  ($14)
Wakeboard- P500 ($10)

Sugba tour P266 (1600/6)   ($5.32)
Sugba entrance fee P100 ($2)
Magpupungko entrance fee P50 ($1)
Tri island tour P375 (1500/4)   ($7.5)

P4961 ($100) total

In conclusion, you don’t need a lot of money to visit Siargao. Just read this budget travel guide, and you will know how to have an amazing Siargao vacation.

*Cost sharing in boat rentals, however, you can also rent the boat and have a private tour. 

*Excluding food and airfare. You can score round trip promo fares for as low as P1000 ($20)

Enjoy Siargao and don’t forget to share this travel guide to your friends!

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  1. Daniel Sierra

    Wow, the Philippines is full of hidden gems like Siargao! It looks like paradise on earth and cheap to enjoy a fun trip to a remote place and recharge your energy. Siargao is definetlly going into my “places to visit when the pandemic is over” list!

  2. hi
    Siargao does sound interesting. 15 surf spots and I could imagine the thrill that surfers would be having out here. Sugba lagoon visual took my heart away. The island hopping experience to seems to be an excellent activity to do especially the fresh catch of the day. Well detailed post for any traveller contemplating visiting sirgao

  3. Thanks for your “pro tip” for solo travelers of asking to be in a “joiner group” at the port for the island hopping by boat. That’s definitely how I’d want to do it – whenever I’m able to travel again! Ah, and this has got me travel dreaming for sure! Siargao looks and sounds like a beautiful budget-friendly destination. Hope to be able to check it out in person!

  4. Siargao has been on our Philippines-list for a while now and almost book our flight to the island before the virus happened.
    Your post about Siargao is so helpful and really convincing and I am sure anybody would love to visit Siargao after reading it.
    Sugba lagoon and Naked island seems really cool!

  5. I really like this guide, I will use it for future planning. Honestly I had never heard of Siargao before. But right now I have been adding the places in Philippines to my list so I can start planning the travels and I will add Siargao too.

  6. Subhashish Roy

    I haven’t seen much of Asia although I live in this part of the world. And Philippines would be the first country that I would be visiting because by the looks it is so beautiful. Thanks for this lovely insight into Siargao which I was not aware of. The islands, the blue water, the food, the swim all look such an exciting proposition. No doubt why it is your favorite destination.

  7. Amazing island loved the greenish-blue waters. I loved the way you have provided the day-wise itinerary, very helpful.

  8. Will it sound crazy, if I say I have never heard of this place? But yes this looks very peaceful and beautiful. I would loveto escape there.

  9. Philippines is a place I can’t wait to visit. And reading about Siagro being voted as the best island in the world in 2019 gets me all the more excited to explore it. Never tried surfing but this island having 15 surfing spots tells me this is the place I should try it for the first time. Also wake boarding looks so much fun and I will be trying it for sure.

  10. I LOVE the Philippines and have always been curious about Mindanao. When I was there back in 2013 it was taboo to go there but it sounds like you felt totally safe and certainly had an awesome time. Love your pro tips, knowing even one key word like “joiner” can make all the difference!

  11. I really miss Siargao and can’t wait to be back soon once this pandemic dies down. During our last trip, we also rented a scooter and it was fun.

    Anyway, can you recommend a hotel that’s family-friendly?

  12. Philippines has the best beaches and island life. Those pristine beaches, turquoise water and island life is something I crave for. Your post is quite helpful to plan a trip to Siargao. You have included everything necessary. Maybe someday in future. And, Your photos are just inviting.

  13. What a marvelous place to visit. Magpupungko looks really stunning and relaxing. I want to be there someday.

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