How to Travel Solo

how to travel solo

Solo travelers make up 11% of the overall travel market. According to Google, online searches for “solo travel” saw a 131% increase between 2016 and 2019. Is traveling alone in your bucket list? If yes, you’re in luck because I will teach you how to travel solo and have an amazing adventure.

Solo Travel! I can go wherever i want to go. Do whatever i want to do. Go whenever I want to go! It is easier to manage my budget when I am traveling alone. 

I find it difficult traveling with other people. You have to compromise everything.  From where to stay to what to eat. What places to visit and what places to skip.

Traveling alone is very liberating! But not everyone is confident to travel alone.

Here are 5 awesome tips on how to finally book your first solo travel:

Plan your trip well

1. Plan your trip well

First step is plan your trip well. Like knowing how to go your accommodation from the airport and how much it costs. Plan your itinerary well. Read travel blogs and travel guides. Check the weather to know what clothes to bring. Know how much money to bring. Learn how to use google maps. And the most important skill, learn how to haggle!

Click the link below for more travel guides.

2. Book the perfect accommodation

The perfect accommodation plays an important role how awesome your vacation is going to turn out and how pleasant you will feel when coming home in the evening after a day on the move. 

Choose a safe location. Read the reviews online. Check whether the accommodation is suited for a solo traveler like you. 

Most solo travelers stay in hostels to meet new friends.

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Breakfast is often included in most hostels
Always pack light. It will make walking around a lot easier.

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3. Buy a local sim

Avoid expensive roaming data bills.  When traveling abroad, buy a local sim. It is sold in airports and convenience stores. 

Make sure your mobile phone is unlocked and it can use international sim cards. Google maps will navigate you in your solo travel. Always keep in touch with your family and update them with your location. Don’t forget to send them your itinerary. 

Download offline maps just in case you run out of mobile data.

Choose the network with the best coverage area

4. Have a small carry-on bag with you

A small bag that can fit your passport, cellphone, wallet, power bank and charger. Always bring ID card with you whenever you travel. Bring a photocopy of your passport and IDs.

Sling bags are perfect for traveling because it keeps your things close to your body and protected from pickpockets. Fanny packs are popular now.

Fanny pack and a water bottle

5. Do something you wouldn't normally do

Ride a motorcycle! Cliff dive! Eat something exotic! Traveling alone is the best time to try things you have never done before. 

You will learn more about yourself and these new experiences will increase your self- confidence.

Pro Tip: You won’t die of embarrassment!

Enjoy your solo travel

Pro Tip: Always check the weather to know what clothes to bring!

Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures and enjoy your trip!

Now you know how to travel solo, its time to pack your bag and plan your first solo trip!

Check the links below to help to plan your next adventure!

17 thoughts on “How to Travel Solo”

  1. Having a local sim card is a must! I carry a paper clip in my purse so that I can easily pop out my old sim card when I am travelling. Great tips!

  2. Such a cool post! Made me remember my my first solo trip which I loved! Now is hard to think on traveling with someone again LOL!
    I will add to the tips getting a mini tripode for your phone or gopro, because not always you will find someone to take a photo of you!

  3. There are some really good tips here for sure. Love the advice about doing something that you normally would not do x

  4. I started traveling solo when I was 17/18. It really takes guts! I always have a map and a good internet with me. Also, I pack ahead of time. I usually make a list so I won’t forget any. Lastly, it takes courage!

  5. Steven Morrissette

    I really like your tips. I didn’t even know about the sim card swap in other place could work.

  6. Yes once in a lifetime you should do a solo travel away from your phone and just explore the whole place and go for a walk around the whole new place and explore the place to yourself.

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