How to Book the Best Accommodation

how to book the best accommodation

The perfect accommodation plays an important role how awesome your vacation is going to turn out and how pleasant you will feel when coming home in the evening after a day on the move. These are some tips on how to book the best accommodation.

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1. Create a booking site account

Creating an account will register you to a loyalty rewards program. You can receive discounts, free upgrade and breakfast. Genius is’s loyalty program. For Airbnb, first time users can avail a $20 discount on your first travel.

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Airbnb Apartment
2. Compare with different booking sites. 

Booking sites don’t have the same prices. Some booking sites are cheaper, while some sites offer free breakfast or free cancellation. It is always better to check all the booking sites to get the best deals available.

This is a sample booking of the same hostel on the same date. has better deals

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3. Read the Reviews

Reading the online reviews is one of the most important thing to do. Always read them. Tripadvisor is a good website to read reviews. 

Travelers can write how pleasant their stay was. You can read reviews how helpful the hotel staff is, or how clean the toilets are during their stay.

Bad Reviews
Good Reviews
4. Check the Facilities and Amenities


What is the check-in time?
What is the check-out time?
Is there a 24hr reception?
Free wifi?
Free breakfast?
Towels and toiletries?
Private bathroom or shared bathroom?
Are there lockers?
Is it accessible to PWDs?
Do they offer free tours?

List of Facilities

5. Check the Location

Is the location safe?
How can i go to the hotel from the airport?
How far are the train stations and bus stops?
It is near pubs?
How near are tourist attractions?
Is it near a supermarket or convenience store?
Are there restaurants or cafes around the location?

Location map of the accommodation

You don’t have to over pay for your hotel room or airbnb apartment to have an amazing vacation. Just follow these steps to help book the best accommodation. 

Enjoy your trip!

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11 thoughts on “How to Book the Best Accommodation”

  1. These are great tips. I have several different booking sites that I use when I go on trips. I’ve found that they’re the best way to help me find the most amazing deals.

  2. i LOVE looking for hotels! It’s so much fun researching and there so many different websites to help!

  3. For me accommodations are just about the most important thing for my vacation. I love your advice. I am surprised there is such a big difference in booking companies, though!

  4. It is always awesome to get some good deals and find great places to stay while on a trip. Your tips are great did find some new ideas here today thank you.

  5. Before we book anything, we always find the “perfect” location and read the reviews to see what other people think. I think it’s important to compare different booking sites to find the lowest price possible.

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