How to Book Cheap Flights

how to book cheap flights

Is your airfare the most expensive part of your vacation? Are you tired of buying expensive ticket from travel agencies? If your answer is yes, here are some money saving tips on how to book cheap flights.

Airfare is the most expensive part of your trip

1.Go incognito

Flight prices increase when a particular route is repeatedly searched. To prevent this, go on incognito mode or private browsing code to see the lowest prices.

2.Use Flight Search Engines

Go to or These websites will show you the cheapest fares available. Create a and a account to receive seat sale alerts.

Download the skyscanner app on your mobile phone or go to their website.

Put “Everywhere” in the destination box and “cheapest month” in the Depart and Return box.


Skyscanner will show you the cheapest flights available. 

Pro Tip: Don’t chase the destination, chase the fare! 

South Korea flights for only P1889

After choosing the destination. Choose your travel dates.

Choose the cheapest travel dates

Now that you know the cheapest travel dates available, you can pay it using your credit card or debit card. Then, wait for the booking confirmation and travel itinerary in your e-mail address.

If you want to pay in cash, most airlines in the Philippines offer over the counter cash payments.

3.How to pay over the counter

Do step 1 and 2.

After doing step 1 and step 2 and you have searched for the cheapest plane tickets, go to the Airline’s website.

Select the destination and travel dates. 

Enter your travel details.

Always check the Add-Ons
Choose Payment Centers
Payment centers

Pay the plane ticket at any payment centers available. The fare must be paid within 24 hours,if not paid, the booking will be cancelled. Once paid, the airline will send you the booking confirmation and travel itinerary in your e-mail address.  

Roundtrip Cebu Ticket for only P694 ($14)
Roundtrip Coron Ticket for only P562($11)
Payment Acknowledgement

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4. Join rewards program

Cebu Pacific – GetGo Lifestyle Rewards Program

AirAsia – BIG Membership

Philippine Airlines- Mabuhay Miles

For every peso spent on airfare and add-ons you earn points. Redeem points and convert it to plane tickets. You will also receive seat sale alerts. Rewards program members can also receive discounts on hotel bookings.

Now you know how to book cheap flights, the next thing to do is to plan your trip!

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  2. Don’t chase the destination, chase the fare! , I simply loved this line and the concept of selecting a destination to everywhere, I think that is a super great tip

  3. I too go through a lot of research while booking because of course you aren’t always traveling luxury! This one’s a really nice trick.

  4. Blair Villanueva

    This is a very useful hack before. Sadly, I don’t think this hack will work not in the near future. Travel will be expensive just like 20years ago.

  5. Although I use skyscanner but I had no prior knowledge of this. I’ll try it once when lockdown is lifted.

  6. cebu pac also notifies me ahead of time if they will be having promos. patience and good strategies are the key to booking cheap flights. haha tested and proven! i usually have chrome, firefox and my mobile open when I do bookings.

  7. This is really a great advantage for those who wants to travel. Will save this for my references. It will help me in the future.

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